According to, Budapest VII district is the third – after London-Dalton and Berlin Kreuzberg – on the list of Europe’s most hipster destinations, ahead of such parts of Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam – wrote.

Global Trend Report study was presented on the occasion of World Market Travel 10th time this year. The travel destinations of hipsters have been reviewed in Europe this year.

“You could argue on whether hipster as a collective noun really means, you may be doubted whether there is still renewing power in the hipster subculture, one thing is certain: there has not been a more growing area in tourism in recent years than hipster attractions and neighborhoods offering unconventional adventures” – the portal wrote.

According to the study, those European cities could achieve spectacular increase in traffic that could arouse the interest of mobile travelers susceptible of new things.

Key Hipster Destinations in Europe 2015

Area / district – City

Dalston – London

Kreuzberg – Berlin

District VII -Budapest

Sodermalm – Stockholm

Norrebro – Copenhagen

Gracia – Barcelona

Malasana – Madrid

Noord – Amsterdam

Miera iela – Riga

Kalamaja – Tallinn

Source: Euromonitor

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