The capital city of Hungary has been chosen as one of the locations suggested to visit in autumn, as this cities are wonderful in this season as well, writes The popular travel site Skyscanner enlisted 15 places from all around to world to give some tips on where to go in the upcoming months.

As Lobu shares, Skyscanner highlighted the Danube, the elegant streets and parks of Budapest, which make taking a walk in the autumn a lovely experience. The season is regarded as the one providing the best opportunities for completely exploring the city and letting it enchant ourselves. Moreover, Margaret Island is a strongly recommended destination, so paying a visit there shall not be missed.

Besides, not only the description of the city is favorable, but the rather elite company the city gets on the list as well, therefore, it is flattering for all Budapest-dwellers.


As, for now, the weather is quite nice and summery, but don’t be afraid of the casual autumn either, just get your best sweater and jacket, and perhaps a hat out of your wardrobe, buy a nice cup of tea, go for a walk, and get mesmerised by the city when it also dresses up in brown, yellow and red.

You may also want to visit the most beautiful squares of Budapest

The 15 do-not-miss-to-visit locations without any particular ordering are listed below:

  • Budapest – Hungary
  • London – England
  • New York – US
  • Edinburgh – Scotland
  • Montreal – Canada
  • Monaco
  • Copenhagen – Denmark
  • Stockholm – Sweden
  • Amsterdam – The Netherlands
  • St. Petersburg – Russia
  • Dresden – Germany
  • Rome – Italy
  • Bruges – Belgium 
  • Warsaw – Poland
  • Tallinn – Estonia

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