This year’s list only includes towns with more than 600 inhabitants. On the top of the list, which was compiled by, is Copenhagen, ahead of Amsterdam, which was the first in 2011 and 2013. The authors justified the change with that the Danish capital’s improvement has been outstanding in recent years: from the 36% of 2012, the proportion of the cyclists in the city has increased to 45%. For this, improvements were needed like cyclist bridges and new roads, said.


Budapest was the 18th in 2013, but now, the Hungarian capital is not on the list.

The Top 20:

Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
Strasbourg, France
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Malmo, Sweden
Nantes, France
Bordeaux, France
Antwerp, Belgium
Seville, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dublin, Ireland
Vienna, Austria
Paris, France
Minneapolis, USA
Hamburg, Germany
Montreal, Canada

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