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Gergely Karacsony, the new mayor of Budapest, said after Wednesday’s cabinet meeting that it would be “much easier” to reach a consensus with the central government on “professional matters” than on “major political issues”.

Karácsony was invited to attend the meeting by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office,

Karácsony said a common cause was to make sure Budapest thrived in the years to come.

He said a meeting of the Budapest Public Development Council — composed of leaders and representatives of the central government and the municipal council — will be held in the next few weeks to assess Budapest’s major projects.

Karácsony said health care, green spaces and public transport were his top priorities.

As we wrote yesterday, Budapest’s new municipal assembly kept the first session on Tuesday. The assembly unanimously supported the implementation of an anti-graft programme aimed at increasing transparency of the city’s operations, and they had more decisions. 

Source: mti

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