According to Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos, if this continues, it is unlikely that transit zones, which were created for illegal immigrants, can stay at the railway stations, in the heart of the capital, said.

Istvan Tarlos spoke on TV2 television’s program called Mokka about that: these zones were created at the railway stations because the law said “they should get on the train and go further”, but since these options are narrowing, “it does not make much sense that we provide such a voluntary service near the railways”.

As he said, in addition to the humanitarian aid, transit zones were designated for the people to “not to scatter in the city”. He constantly called them migrants, saying, in the case of most of them, there is no evidence that they were fleeing from a war, and a significant proportion of them –in the absence of documents – cannot be identified. You cannot let them unchecked anymore – Tarlos said, as the only way deal with the situation.

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