Heti Világgazdaság reports that the top one destination of the Luton and Charleroi airports is Budapest. The majority of travellers choose to fly to Budapest out of all the available destinations there.

Eurostat has put together an interactive map regarding where Europeans like to travel most. Based on this, we can see that the favourite destination of Hungarians’ is London, but what is surprising, is that the most frequently booked flight from the London/Luton Airport is to Budapest. 230 thousand Hungarians working abroad and Britons came to Budapest for stag parties during 12 months.

Budapest is the most popular destination from the Charleroi airport too. From the airport next to Brussels, 153 thousand people flew to Hungary during one year.

The top five destinations from Budapest include two airports from London, 240 thousand people flew to Luton and almost 185 thousand to Stansted through the course of 12 months. 215 thousand people chose Frankfurt as their destination from Budapest, 214 thousand chose Paris and 165 thousand chose Amsterdam.

We wrote previously that the number of passengers arriving to Budapest rose by an annual 15.4 percent to 1.33 million in July. This is mostly because of the World Aquatics World Championship.

Besides Luton and Charleroi, there are two other European airports from where people flew mostly to Budapest. 49 thousand people travelled to the Hungarian capital from Malmö, the only one destination from there that is popular than Budapest is Stockholm. 98 thousand people arrived in Budapest from Eindhoven, the top two from there is London and Alicante.

featured image: bud.hu

Source: hvg.hu

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