If you’re planning the ultimate family holiday and need some inspiration, read on. From exotic, faraway destinations such as Thailand and Japan, to more familiar territories like Ireland and Portugal, The Ultimate Family Holiday Index by Club Med have compiled the top 25 countries (alongside their fabulous capital cities) to get away with your family.

To do this, we used a special formula that accounts for factors such as average spend per holiday, total holiday visits from UK residents, volume of social media posts, and the cost of dining out. Another major factor considered was the world happiness score. This landmark survey ranks 156 of the world’s countries based on everything from social norms and government policies, to technology and local environment.

The top five countries based on happiness score alone were Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands respectively. But, not one of these worthy destinations made the top five when all the other factors were taken into consideration. Focusing on the capital cities of our highest-ranking countries, let’s take a closer look at the cream of the crop.

Budapest ranks 3rd for cost of a meal and and 7th for holiday spend!

The city of Budapest, most of which is a UNESCO world Heritage has a surprising amount of activities when it comes to families too. From zoos to castles to a Children’s railway to museums, there’s so much more to do in Budapest than meets the eye.

Budapest scored big points when it came to the average cost of a meal (€5.59), average spend per holiday visit (€123.40), and number of tourist visits (346,664), proving it’s very cost friendly for families too.

The top 25 cities:

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Source: Club Med

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