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According to, the National Touristic Development Strategy published on the website of the government includes some interesting details. For instance, the new brand name of the capital city on the international market would be “Grand Budapest”.

The “Grand Budapest” brand is planned to be introduced in the next 3-5 years. It will also include the touristically important sights in the neighbourhood of the capital city, like Szentendre or the Danube Bend. The government hasn’t fully discussed the topic yet, so for now it is only a plan sent for social conciliation.

The document refers back to 2013, when a certain project didn’t go according to plans. “The biggest international campaign of the past years was the ‘Think Hungary! – More than expected’ communicational strategy. The concept was carried out from a big budget as a seasonal campaign, but didn’t last for too long. So the opportunity of positioning Hungary and Budapest as a touristic product did not succeed” says the document.

According to the new plan, instead of forcing popular tourism, the strategy aims to moderately increase the number of guest nights. And it would aim at exigent, wealthy tourists willing to pay more for good quality. As the document goes:

“It’s important to position Budapest with a conscious branding condignly to its historic role, as a proud, elegant, lively, premium European capital, preventing the common and only reference to the party city. There’s also a significant development-potential in medical tourism.”

Based on the more than 100 pages long document, the “Budapest has become ten times bigger, so it will offer a 10 times greater experience by 2020” sentence would be the slogan of the campaign. Among others, the infrastructural developments will include the construction of a congress centre, which could fit 4,000 people.

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