Together with the recently born newcomer there are seven such gazelles in Budapest.

​The group of mhor gazelles in the Budapest Zoo has grown again. The newcomer was born on 7th March, and since it requires artificial nurturing, the gazelle’s nurturers feed the animal from baby bottles. With a little luck, visitors will be able to see the newborn even during the feeding.

The zoo of the Hungarian capital city is engaged in nurturing mhor gazelles since 2008, and since 2009 the reproduction of these animals is regular. Together with the recently born baby gazelle there are already seven living in Budapest. The animals will be shown in the Savanna complex of the Zoo, they will share its runway with the giraffes and antelopes. The newcomer has got a separate place in the Savanna complex, where the visitors can have an ideal view on the animal.

In the 1970’s more than ten thousand Dama gazelles were living in their natural habitat, however during the last decades these animals have completely gone extinct and disappeared from Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, as well as from the south, from Nigeria. Thus only five smaller, but isolated populations remained on the territories of Mali, Niger and Chad, and also a few animals have been artificially resettled in Senegal. Those populations living in natural habitat count altogether approximately 300 animals.

Photo: Zoltán Bagosi,


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