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Wifi, apps for the visually impaired, chargers for electric cars – just a few of the features of the new smart park that is planned to be built in Budapest’s City Park. Detailed blueprints of the planned Smart Liget Project have been revealed at the Emobility Forum 2018, NlCfafe reports.

Visitors to the conference mentioned above could also familiarize themselves with the “smart city vision” of Budapest. The Smart Liget [Smart City Park] sure sounds interesting, promising a wide variety of services to serve the visitors’ comfort. For starters, constructors promise a wifi network that will cover the whole park.

The smart system would serve many purposes; one of which would be to aid the disabled.

Therefore, the system will promote accessibility. Smartphone applications will also be introduced to help blind and visually impaired people.

The new City Park will offer services of various kinds: sports, culture, transportation and recreation. According to the plans, all of these services will be accessible through a City Park application and, of course, through the City Park’s website.

These services are also promised to be fast, comfortable, and highly customized. People will be able to buy tickets in the app to all of the establishments located in the City Park (e.g. the zoo or the circus), and, supposedly, there will be all kinds of discounts as well.

New underground parking garages will be built, which will include several electric chargers for electric cars.

Cyclists aka. bikers can get excited about the new project, too, as the new smart park will include several bike service points, and a new club membership system will be introduced as well. Theoretically, members will have the chance to rent storage, changing rooms and showers within the park.

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The new app will also be compatible with other popular apps such as Waze, making the life of car drivers much easier through helping them find available parking spaces within the park.

Featured image: Flickr.com/photos/topbudapest/

Source: www.nlcafe.hu

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