Many started different kinds of architectural projects on the south coast of Lake Balaton. It seems that the capital’s hotel tsunami started to affect the Hungarians sea as well, and the development is supported by the government.

Portfolió reported that the Hungarian hotel business started to conquer Lake Balaton and in 1–2 years, approximately 400 new rooms will be available for guests. This amount of increase is definitely not the end, as Hungarian tourism keeps developing day by day. On the other hand, several governmental support will make it possible to build new buildings around the lake and to awaken the hotel business from its dream.

By 2030, the government would invest 300 billion HUF (900 million EUR) into building hotels and accommodations around Lake Balaton, but the lack of professional workers is still an obstacle.

Balatonfüred on the northern coast is definitely the capital of the Balaton region. The diamond of the lake made significant progress in health tourism and accommodations building new four-star hotels and wellness centres. Another hotel is being built and set to be opened next year. In other regions, like Tihany castle hotels, wine hotels and different exciting places are waiting for the arriving guests.

In Balatonudvari, a golf hotel is planned to be built.

On the south coast of Lake Balaton, the biggest investments happened in the town of Szántód where a 104 roomed apartment is being built. In Siófok other investments are planned to be started soon but only to be finished by 2021. In recent years mostly hotels and health tourism were on the tray to invest in, but it is expected that conventional tourism and high-classes tourism is going to be significantly separated from each other soon.

Those who are looking for luxury have an opportunity to stay in a special yacht hotel in Siófok. Similar hotels are planned to be built in Fonyód and Balatonfenyves.

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Featured image: Daily News Hungary


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