Budapest Danube photos

The government’s ambitious aim is to crowd the cars out from the embankments of the Danube River in Budapest. The plans are not new, and experts hope that they can help reconnect the people of Budapest with the river. The day before yesterday, some new photos were published about how the Pest embankments would look, which we share in the article below.

According to, cyclists and pedestrians will benefit from the developments while car owners would like them less.

Budapest Danube photos

The work started in 2013, Dávid Vitézy, the director of the Budapest Development Centre (BFK), revealed in one of his Facebook posts published recently. However, nothing happened for a long time. In October 2020, the state secretary for developments in the capital and its agglomeration, Balázs Fürjes, proposed to take the project out from the issues the government and the leadership of Budapest debated on. He added that

the government would finance the project based on the plans made before.

They had been negotiating about the details for half a year, but it is now official that the work can continue.

Budapest Danube photos

Gergely Karácsony, lord mayor of Budapest, Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, and Balázs Fürjes signed an agreement in which the government guaranteed to finance the development of the Danube embankment on the Pest side.

Budapest Danube photos

The project includes, for example, connecting all parts of the embankment to allow people to

walk or cycle kilometres long from the northern to the southern part of the city.

Furthermore, it also involves creating new promenades, green spaces, and the “humanisation” of the Pest embankment.

Budapest Danube photos

The neighbourhood of the Chain Bridge’s Pest bridgehead will completely be renewed. Cars will disappear from the front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences where there will be a

new green space used only by pedestrians.

On the Belgrád pier, the tram will circulate in the centre. The government plans to renew Közraktár Street as well. Thanks to that, people will be able to cycle there, which might relieve the crowded Nehru Part.

Budapest Danube photos

The government plans to make the H6 and H7 suburban railways circulate underground, while

the promenade will end just before Csepel Island.

Dávid Vitézy said that these elements of the project were already in the planning phase. “This is a fine and important task; it is high time to do it, so we get straight to work,” he concluded.


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