According to, more than hundred thousand visitors are waited this year’s Ancestors Day in Bugac.

The organizers wait more than one hundred thousand visitors with a tent camp of more than a hundred yurts, more than fifty programs, an infrastructure which is more family-friendly than before and a unique exhibition for this year’s Ancestors Day third in the row in Bugac between August 14 and 16.

Andras Zsolt Biro, Board of Trustees Chairman of Hungarian-Turan Foundation, which organizes the event, said at the press conference of the event called the largest traditional army approach of the Carpathian Basin on Thursday: with the event, they want to contribute “the creation of the modern prehistoric image, which is more coinciding with the real history of the Hungarians”.

In this spirit, the organization aims to present the roots of our culture and its unique values by scientific and educational programs and it wants to celebrate by the Ancestors Day that our ancestors took possession, kept and they left us this country – he added.

About the three-day event, he told: in order to reduce the Saturday mass of the visitors, they wait the visitors from Friday. He indicated: the seats are expanding and, thinking of those who stay longer, they wanted to make the location more family-friendly among other things, by making the campsite cozier, by expanding the waste transportation capacity and ensuring of showering options.

Andras Zsolt Biro highlighted: one of the most spectacular element of the program, which is monitored by a huge interest year by year, will be the demonstration of the horse archer army and the subsequent monumental battle scene called Eastern storm. Like last year’s Kurultaj, Attila tent, the world’s largest yurt will be erected, where the grandiose painting of Zalan Kertay, The arrival of the Huns will be seen. In addition, a unique Hun archeological and anthropological exhibition will also be presented in cooperation with the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the museums of Kecskemet and Kiskunfelegyhaza. It is called the Portrait Gallery of Ancestors, whose part the participants can see a reconstruction made on the basis of the skull of a Pecheneg warrior for the first time.

At the conference, mayor of Bugac Laszlo Szabo said, they had begun working on the preparations for two weeks and they had started the construction of the camp consisting more than a hundred of yurts. He thinks: the area of the Kiskunsag National Park and Bugacpuszta, which is the location of the event, will provide an ideal and credible “scenery” for the programs of the Ancestors Day.

The event is under the patronage of Sandor Lezsak, Vice President of the National Assembly.

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