Ever since Tuesday, Burger King has been selling burgers with artificial meat made out of plant oils. With the exception of their restaurant in Liszt Ferenc Airport, every Burger King in the capital sells this product.

Index reported that the Rebel Whopper started to be sold in twenty-five European countries in more than 2,500 Burger Kings. The fast-food chain would like to broaden this hamburger to more European countries and to the Middle East and Africa.

It sounds scary and unusual at the same time, but many believe that artificial meat owns and rules the future.

Hungary, Burger King
Photo: www.facebook.com/BurgerKingHU

The market for meat keeps increasing day by day. Experts stated that if humanity would like to keep up with this phenomenon, they would not have enough animals to use to produce meat. Also, this procedure could kill the entire planet. This is why scientists started to work on artificial meat which looks and tastes like the real thing.

Artificial meat can be produced in two ways: by using oil from different kinds of plants or by using animal cells. This one is not available in Hungary yet.

The stages of experimenting are now over and have moved on to being in contact with restaurants and celebrities for the last few months, and on the other hand, many businesspeople invest billions in artificial meat.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/BurgerKingHU

Source: www.index.hu

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  1. Good article. However the burgers are based mostly on plant proteins. Although they contain oil as well. Meat eaters cannot tell them apart from actual meat either

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