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The Hungarian government and authorities have a list of the organisations that promote, favour and provide legal assistance for illegal migration, Antal Rogán, the cabinet office chief, told public radio on Sunday.

The new package of laws known as “Stop Soros” will apply to any organisation that engages in these activities, “whether they be the [Hungarian] Helsinki Committee or others”, Rogán told Kossuth Rádió.

The government’s job is to monitor organisations that can be considered national security risks. Rogán said one way this could be done is by the government calling on the prosecutor’s office to investigate organisations that refuse to register their activities.

The cabinet office chief said it would not be a surprise if US financier George Soros would be among the first to be served with a restraining order under the new law “if he does not cease the financing of migration”.

Rogán said the Hungarian people want the government to “prevent the enforcement of Brussels’s migration policy and the implementation of the Soros Plan at all cost”. This is what the “Stop Soros” bill will have to accomplish, he said, noting that the government is expected to submit the draft package to parliament in February.

He said the government was open to any proposals aimed at improving the bill, adding, at the same time, that the government was only open to adding stricter stipulations, but not to making the bill more lenient.

Rogán said regardless of what the organisations that would fall under the jurisdiction of the “Stop Soros” law are called, “their sole aim is to find a way to implement the Soros Plan and to get the Hungarian government out of the way of illegal migration.”

“Some of them are there to organise protests against the cabinet, others to spread fake news about Hungary,” Rogan said, adding that

the organisations in question had a “common goal” of tearing down the fence on Hungary’s border with Serbia and re-opening the western Balkans migration route.

The cabinet office chief said that the “Stop Soros” bill could “easily be cleared of the accusation of anti-Semitism”. Not only is the Hungarian government not anti-Semitic, but it helps the Hungarian Jewish community, Rogán said, pointing out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Hungary last year was the first visit by an Israeli prime minister for 30 years.

He said he expected Brussels to be critical of the “Stop Soros” package because it goes against the European Union’s migration policy.

Source: MTI

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