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Photo: The Forking Tomatoes YouTube channel

Hamupipőke, Oroszlánkirály, Szépség és a Szörnyeteg… Can you guess which Disney movies they are, based on the Hungarian title? Brace yourselves, it is quite a challenge if you do not know any Hungarian words, but The Forking Tomatoes tried it, and some of them even succeeded.

We have written several articles about how the Hungarian language is unique and difficult to learn. I am sure that most of the Hungarians who tried to teach some words to foreigners in our language found it very interesting and funny how others struggle with our beautiful language.

Experts even say that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages to learn, and I think everyone who learns the language would agree with this.

Now, The Forking Tomatoes Youtube channel undertook a serious challenge: participants had to figure out the English titles of famous Disney movies based only on the Hungarian title. Although some would believe this is an easy task, the 3 foreigners proved that if you do not know any Hungarian words, it is almost impossible to find out the English version.

You will find Disney movies such as Hófehérke és a hét törpe, Aranyhaj és a nagy gubanc or Csipkerózsika. Can you guess what is their equivalent in English?

Take a look at the funny video here:

In case you are interested in fun facts about the Hungarian language, check out our article about the most brilliant wordplays in Hungarian – I can assure you, there are many. Another YouTube channel collected some of the main difficulties that one can face when learning Hungarian. Watch the funny, but motivating video here.

Featured image: The Forking Tomatoes YouTube channel

Source: The Forking Tomatoes YouTube channel

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