Initiated by the Hungarian Embassy of Ottawa, a Canadian website has been created with the purpose of introducing the most important Hungarian heritage sites and values to the North American country.

In Canada, collecting Hungarian values started in 2017, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the country’s establishment. This special event was the starting point of the project when the country’s history, society, and culture were put under examination, and it turned out that Hungarians have an important part in Canada’s daily life. However, there was no global information network or heritage collection that provided information about this interconnection.

The collection process took almost two years and was realised by the involvement of several Hungarian organisations and local communities, thanks to whom more than one hundred documented Hungarian heritage sites are presented in Canada, illustrated with photographs. Besides information exchange, the website provides awareness of these values as well.

Hungarian values are grouped into seven categories on the website.

Detailed description is provided about:

  • Hungarian works of art, monuments;
  • Towns and streets bearing Hungarian names;
  • Buildings or institutions named after Hungarians;
  • Churches and cultural centres built by Hungarians.

As the Hungarian news portal reports, the website provides information in three languages: Hungarian, English, and French. 

Furthermore, it does not only demonstrate Hungarian values ​​found in Canada – giving an overview of their effect on the country’s development -, but it also stimulates interaction.

Accordingly, its content can be edited not only by its administrator, but website visitors are also authorised – by an approval – to share their own posts. Therefore, the web collection can be continuously extended with new values.

The portal was initiated on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence; its start was presented by Ambassador Bálint Ódor and Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, within the framework of a flag-raising ceremony in front of the City Hall.

The website can be viewed here:


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