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Renowned Hungarian avant-garde painters are featured at an exhibition that opened in the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Hungary’s consul-general to the city said on Friday.

The international show entitled Years of Disarray: Art of the Avant-Garde in Central Europe 1909-1928 presents more than 170 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints by the region’s artists, Adrienne Körmendy told MTI.

The project marks the birth centenary of nation states in central Europe, she said.

The Hungarian artists featured at the exhibition include Sándor Bortnyik, Lajos Kassák, Jenő Krón, László Mednyánszky, Géza Schiller, László Moholy-Nagy, Béla Uitz and Antal Jaszusch, she added.

One of the exhibition’s highlights is a great selection of avant-garde art magazines, publications, posters, film scripts and photographs.

The exhibition will run in Krakow until June 9 and travel on to Bratislava and later to south Hungary’s Pécs.

Featured image: Wiki Commons

Source: MTI

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