Charity Tree 2014

After the holidays, families in need get the 150 quintals of firewood, reports.

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Hello Wood: 11-metre Sleigh Christmas Tree At The Palace Of Arts Budapest

10421308_837869396265450_8544701113929632297_nThe country is heatedly preparing for Christmas, even more Christmas trees occupy the squares of big cities. Meanwhile, for many people, heating for the cold winter months is a huge problem. The team of Hello Wood (known for their creative installations) thought of the people, for whom, the warmth of home slowly transforms into something luxurious and unaffordable.

”With the donated wood, we wanted to design a Christmas tree that is a pleasure for those preparing for the holidays, but also reminds us that we have to think about and help those, for whom Christmas is more difficult” – said Hello Wood on its Facebook site.

10402963_837869572932099_2614902174272296028_nThe Christmas installation of 4.5 m width and 11 m height was built in five days, from more than 5.000 pieces of firewood (weighing 150 quintals).

The pieces of wood forming this unconventional Christmas tree will reach needy families in January, with the help of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. The organizers intend to draw attention to the fact that the creation of a warm home means a problem for thosands of families every winter.

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