citizenship reported before how Hungary messed its regulation up regarding double citizenship which aimed to enable Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin to get back their long taken citizenship easier. However, according to, Hungary let mostly Russians with Ukrainian papers into the EU. Since the Hungarian citizenship is cheaper than the Spanish or Hungarian minister Rogán’s residency bond program, many try to buy it on the Internet. And if there is a need, there will be a supply.

Firstly, the government called traitor of the national interest because of their report on the issue. Later, they slowly admitted that cheats happened. Finally, they fired and sued some low-level administrators, mostly from Eastern-Hungary. However, no mayors, notaries, or Ukrainian mob leaders were arrested since then. Though the first scandal regarding the issue erupted four years ago, Hungarian citizenship can still be bought on the Internet. In fact, they are sold on the dark web in which criminals are interested in.

Citizenship to the EU

Currently, the Hungarian citizenship is being sold on Dream Market. In fact, the seller group do not seem too trustworthy since they do not have any satisfied customers. They request

5,000 dollars or 1 bitcoin before and 10,000 or 2 bitcoins after the customer gets the citizenship.

In return, they promise that in six months even with totally fake data one can become a Hungarian citizen. However, they do not forge papers so customers have to bring authentic-appearing documents.

Furthermore, the seller group only promises that they will send an official document issued by the Hungarian state which testifies that they started the process. The group merchandises with the Hungarian citizenship in big amounts. According to, they seem to be specialised on this task.

The only challenge for them is to put such data in the Hungarian public administration system that the claimer knows the language and has at least one Hungarian ancestor. This is because

nobody checks

whether a certain Hungarian e.g. grandmother was indeed born in 1915 in the former Hungarian Kingdom.

Expensive, but original

People mostly bargain with illegal digital services, drugs, fake citizenship or passports on the dark web.  For example, we can quickly acquire false Ukrainian and Romanian documents or even Hungarian ancestors on this market. Of course, if someone wants a real passport, it is much more expensive. However,

for 15,000 dollars nothing is impossible,

but the client has to go to Hungary or to a consulate to swear the oath.

In fact, buying Hungarian citizenship is much cheaper than cabinet minister Rogán’s residency bond program. In the latter case, all applicants had to register state bonds worth of 300 thousand EUR and pay further 45-60 thousand EUR service charge. Thus,

buying a citizenship is much cheaper.

Interestingly, Spanish is the other popular citizenship on the market; however, it is much more expensive.


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