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Some people believe in them, while others do not take them seriously. Superstition is quite a divisive phenomenon that is thought to be nothing more than a general prophecy, a prophecy that associates positive or negative future events with certain ordinary activities. In this article, we collected some of the craziest Hungarian superstitions, which are most likely to come true based on experiences and surveys. Ready?!

It brings you good luck
  • if you pick up your blouse the other way around
  • if you come across a wedding procession
  • if you see a chimney sweep and turn your knob
It brings you bad luck
  • if you turn back out the door and cross the threshold again
  • if a black cat runs across the road in front of you
  • if you put on your left shoe first
A quarrel is expected
  • if the salt container overturns and the salt spills
  • if someone’s nose is itchy
  • if a knife falls to the ground
Quick child blessing is expected
  • if the water flows to the person who will have a child
  • if rice is sprinkled on the married couple
  • if there is a sudden downpour on the day of the wedding
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An unexpected guest will arrive
  • if the door opens on its own
  • if, conversely, you place the bread on the table with the convex side down
  • if you step on the cat’s tail in the room.
A friendship will end
  • if you give a handkerchief as a gift (it means anger)
  • if you give scissors, you cut off your friendship with it
  • if a needle stays in the flower paper, the friendship is over – reported by
Number 13

According to, originally number 13 brings bad luck; however, many people think it is more of a luck-bringing number that brings a great fortune, especially Friday the 13th. It is considered to be an extreme day when something very good or terrible can be expected.

New Year’s superstitions

New Year’s Day is full of superstitions and beliefs; according to which, what you do on this day will have an impact on the whole coming year. Hungarians believe that nothing should be released from the house on this day because then everything will leave all year round. According to, another general belief is that what happens on this day will be repeated throughout the year; therefore, quarrel is not recommended on 1st January.

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