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Chuck Norris is coming to Hungary

Chuck Norris is coming to Hungary

According to Magyar Hang, the legendary American actor, screenwriter and martial artist is soon going to visit Hungary for the very first time. 

78-year-old Chuck Norris was invited by the Hungarian Baptist Aid, to be the star guest of the Shoebox Action event, held at László Papp Budapest Sports Arena.

It is also known that this time Chuck Norris is not going to tell the world-famous jokes about himself, but is going to give a presentation about conversion, as he was brought up in a Baptist family and sympathises with the Republican political party.

Although he has never been here before, he has some Hungarian relation. It is the shocking story about the voting held about the Megyeri bridge’s name. Norris was a potential winner, so it seemed possible for some time that the bridge would be called Chuck Norris Bridge. In the end, the fans’ idea was not seriously taken into consideration.

Besides, the Hungarian animation studio Delov Digital has created a great parody about the popular epic split ad for Volvo, performed by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Almost 500,000 people watched this parody during the first 24 hours.

As everybody knows: Chuck Norris is the man who can replay the whole pig slaughtering by putting a piece of sausage in the DVD player…

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