Charles Hebbert, the co-author of “Rough Guide to Budapest” and the writer for CNN has recently set off in research to find the best coffee shops in the Hungarian capital. For those of our readers, who treat a great cup of coffee as the Holy Grail, we bring the list of Hebbert’s favorite spots in Budapest. 

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The Hungarians undeniably have a longstanding love affair with coffee. For early risers coffee seems to be the perfect antidote to general sluggishness, for some, a cup of coffee allows to leave all the hustle and bustle of life behind for at least half an hour. A lot of people treat this utterly delicious drink as a magical elixir, for these coffee cult members wereveal Charles Hebbert’s discoveries. You may notice that the list includes coffee houses with an old-world elegance and places, which capture new, sleek style; however, both have equally joyous, vibrant atmosphere. 


Madal guarantees ultimate indulgence with the best coffee blends. Talented and friendly baristas will help every visitor to decide on just the right type of beans and roasts. In order to enjoy the fresh taste of a roasted delight even more Madal offers to try their crispy croissants.
Address: 1136 Budapest HollánErnő u 3.

Espresso Embassy

According to Charles Hebbert this place if “one of the largest and best designed”. The uber-talented, award-winning baristas are ready to impress every obsessive coffee fan with their spectacular creations. Espresso embassy strives to achieve excellence in every aspect – the interior was planned by the team, which has designed several stations of the new underground line. Desserts include cheesecakes, croissants and brownies.
Address: 1051 Budapest, AranyJános u. 15.

My Little Melbourne

“Pioneer of the craft coffee movement,” is located in the booming neighborhood the downtown of Budapest. Definitely an unmissable spot the for early birds with a deep love for coffee. Welcoming atmosphere and a great selection of freshly baked pastry.
Address: 1075 Budapest MadáchImreút 3


Fekete is a tiny little place, but indeed is a coffee heaven for every one, who finds a cup of this drink to be a highlight of the day. Fekete will charm anyone who is not looking for much more than just a coffee.
Address: 1053 Budapest Múzeumkörút 5

Tamp & Pull

This place brings the very best of the Tamp and Pull barista’s traditions. For those of our readers, who happen to be around the Central Market Hall area, Charles Hebbert suggests visiting this lovely place and reward yourself with this iconic drink. “A board on the wall details the beans on offer each day — where they were grown, who farmed them and at what altitude.”
Address: 1093 Budapest Czuczorutca 3

Cafe Alibi

According to Mr. Hebbert, breakfast is the best time to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Café Alibi. Perfect central location close to many universities means that a lot of students visit this place to enjoy utterly delicious breakfast menus with a cup of cappuccino with foam as light as air and a glass of fresh orange juice. “Cafe Alibi has its own roasting machine, offering customers a choice of beans and coffee type.”
Address: 1053 BudapestKecskemétiutca 1.


Cirkusz is located in the 7th district and is rather spacious with light filled room. It has the great culinary reputation, so visitors can also indulge in the exceptional gourmet delights. Baristas roast their own coffee beans, which means better brews.
Address: 1074 Budapest Dob utca 25.

Coffee Cat

Drawn by optimism to get a cup of fresh coffee before work, hundreds of people choose Coffee Cat every morning. There is no mystery behind it, despite lacking “craft coffee”, the place still bring the very best brews. There is a vast selection of fresh baguettes with various fillings made by Delibaba Workshop.
Address: 1066 Budapest Ó utca 44


Zokni is located on the Dohanyutca, right across the world’s second largest synagogue – the Great Synagogue. In addition to the central location, this café offers extraordinary coffee and desserts, which have been objects of local fascination for a while now.
Address: 1074 Budapest Dohány u. 1/b


This place is remaining faithful to its history and traditions. Quite modesty of the place is rooted in its past. Something truly remarkable –Bambi does not have fancy, certified baristas and yet it still is a quintessential coffee shop of the Buda side. Inimitable atmosphere of the old Budapest brings fusion of emotions. “It’s one of the great survivors of the past.Here you can enjoy a strong black coffee in an old-style glass, sit on red plastic seats and watch old men playing cards.”
Website: –
Address: 1027 Budapest Frankel Leóút 2/4

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