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Budapest, February 15 (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats (KDNP) are way ahead of their opposition rivals, according to a poll of polls by kozvelemenykutatok.hu.

The site operated by the Nezopont Institute combined Median, Nézőpont, Századvég Foundation, Tárki, Publicus Institute and Závecz Research polls for the daily Magyar Idők.

If a general election were held now, the ruling alliance would improve on their performance on April 6, 2014 by 6 percentage points while the left-wing opposition is stuck at the same level as three years ago. Jobbik has weakened by 4 percentage points since that point.

Among all voters, Fidesz-KDNP is backed by 31 percent. Medián, Nezőpont, Századvég and Tárki showed the ruling parties with well above 30 percent support while Závecz measured only 26 percent and Publicus 25 percent.

Jobbik, once the opposition leading force, is now almost level pegging with the Socialists, with 11 percent and 10 percent support, respectively, according to the poll of polls.

The various pollsters showed differing outcomes, however. Publicus said the Socialists were stronger than Jobbik while Zavecz and Századvég Foundation found they were tied. The others maintained that Jobbik was stronger, according to the article published on Thursday.

The combined figures showed that the opposition Democratic Coalition and LMP parties received 4 and 3 percent, respectively. Együtt stood at between 1 and 2 percent and the opposition PM, Liberal Party and Kétfarkú Kutyapárt between 0 and 1 percent.

Fidesz-KDNP’s core support was higher than in the last elections. Medián found 60 percent in favour as against Závecz’s 44 percent.

Based on combined data, the Socialists have nearly caught up with Jobbik and parties of the former left-wing alliance hold a combined 8 percentage point lead ahead of Jobbik.

The Democratic Coalition would get average 7 percent support at the elections and all pollsters said they would safely meet the 5 percent threshold for seats in parliament. LMP would get into parliament, according to Medián and Tárki, but the other parties are no way near that threshold, kozvelemenykutatok.hu said.

Source: MTI/Magyar Idők

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