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According to MTI and, at the press conference held on Wednesday, István Tarlós, Lord Mayor of Budapest, reported that the complex reconstruction of Blaha Lujza Square could take place next year, thanks to the financial assistance of the government. If everything goes according to the plans, by the end of 2019, Blaha Lujza Square will be completely refurbished.

The Lord Mayor of Budapest announced at a recent press conference that 1.8 billion forints (6 million euros) are devoted to the reconstruction of the transport interchange in the 8th district to which the necessary measures have been being taken.

Significant changes are to be expected in the near future on the square to the advantage of pedestrians and drivers alike.

According to the plans, the parking lot located on the square will be eradicated expanding the green areas, but the run-down underpass will also be refurbished. Furthermore, measures will be taken to make this public place more livable and accessible, so that people with disabilities can also use it easily.

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The Lord Mayor of Budapest also mentioned further plans for the near future, for example, the reconstruction of the Orczy Square, that is going to start soon.

Moreover, he emphasized that the construction of metro line M4, the reconstruction of metro line M3, the flood control works and the realisation of the drainage system in the capital are all the results of the collaboration between the government, the city administration and the public body.

In addition to this, the improvements carried out on Margaret Island and in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden are also thanks to this partnership.

blaha ujza square
At the press conference; István Tarlós and Máté Kocsis/MTI by Zoltán Balogh/

Máté Kocsis, Mayor of Józsefváros, reported that the government also provided financial assistance for breaking down the aluminium coverage of the Corvin Department Store and renovating its facade. According to previous estimations, this will take place at the same time with the reconstruction of the square.

Since around 200,000-300,000 people use the square on a daily basis, the reconstruction of it is of utmost importance.

But the question automatically poses: how does the reconstruction process affect the traffic? As the Mayor of Józsefváros highlighted, traffic will be undisturbed on the square in the respect that the metro station and the trams would operate without any changes and only partial traffic closures are to be expected affecting the vehicle traffic.

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