Classical music concerts, literary recitals and panel discussions will be held in Budapest’s Petőfi Literary Museum to remember Korean poet Yun Dong-ju and Hungary’s Attila József on February 9 and 10. 

Poet and literary critic Kim Kyung-ju will present a lecture on the life and work of Dong-ju who died at a young age but had a great impact on Korean poetry.

Poet and sociologist Shim Bo-seon will present a lecture about the influence of József’s poetry on contemporary Korean poets and Hungarian poet Orsolya Karafiath will host panel discussions with the Korean poets visiting Budapest.

Contemporary Korean composer Lim Jie-sun’s viola concerto dedicated to Dong-ju will be performed on February 10, to be followed by the world premiere of Hungarian composer László Tihanyi’s new work dedicated to Jozsef.

All the events will be free of charge but preliminary registration will be required at

As we wrote on December, South Korean low-cost airline will launch flights to Budapest, to the Balkan and to Eastern Europe. Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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