Villanyi Franc really exists. It is not fictional and not just a dream of winemakers and wine lovers, said.

The Minister of Agriculture approved and signed the changes of Villany wine region’s origin protection system. What does it mean?

From now, Villanyi premium Francs may be displayed with Villanyi Franc brand on their bottles.

Villanyi origin protection system, which was launched in Hungary first, undergone significant innovations in relation to Franc last year. The Villany Wine Region Council defined the quality criteria of premium and super premium Cabernet Franc and gave birth the new top wine brand of the wine region.

Cabernet Franc is a variety which rarely appears as a separate wine. Not so in the Villany wine region, where it found its natural home. Thanks to the special growing-location, climate and excellent winemakers of the wine region, the wine made of Cabernet Franc, which reached premium or super premium rating, is Villanyi Franc.

Grapes have now amounted to 14% of the plantations of the wine region. Due to the pure limestone soil and plenty of sunshine, grape gives strong and complex, yet lively and fresh wine.

Besides the kind of character, it leaves room for the individuality of the winemaker. It is elegant and balanced, it included the artist of fine-tuning, the diversity. Villanyi Franc gets at least one-year ripening in oak barrels and is also grateful for the long ripening in the bottle.

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