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The foundation of Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros donated 1 million EUR to Budapest for the fight with the coronavirus epidemic, which spreads across the country faster and faster. 

The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights. George Soros opened his first international foundation in Hungary in 1984.

Today, the Open Society Foundations support a vast array of projects in more than 120 countries, providing thousands of grants every year through a network of national and regional foundations and offices. 

Index reported that, according to Soros, the epidemic knows no borders. Not just Hungary; every single country in the world is in danger, especially the elderly citizens and those who lost their jobs. Local governments and Budapest find themselves in an extraordinary and never-happened-before situation where they have to control a whole nation out of a limited budget. 

“I was born in Budapest shortly after the Spanish flu epidemic ended, and the world was tossed into a global recession. The epidemic killed thousands of Hungarians. I survived World War II, the years of terror following it and I remember life in Budapest back in those difficult days.” 

Because of the extraordinary emergency and the love Soros has for Budapest the Hungarian billionaire did not hesitate to donate 1 million EUR through his foundation to provide financial support for the state to stop the epidemic. 

George Soros to launch a global university network

It was reported in January, that Soros would like to create a higher education network for which he donates 1 billion dollars. The institution aims to help students to prepare for the global challenges of the present and the future, says an announcement of Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The institution is going to operate under the name of Open Society University Network, and it aims to bring together students and teachers from various academic fields. 


Source: www.index.hu

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    Your contribution of ONE MILLION EUROS towards ‘fighting’ the coronavirus and its effects will undoubtedly be appreciated by citizens of Budapest.

    Your future non-interference in Hungary’s internal affairs and politics would be appreciated even more.

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