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The American philanthropist and billionaire who was born in Hungary would like to create a higher education network for which he donates 1 billion dollars. The institution aims to help students to prepare for the global challenges of the present and the future, says an announcement of Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

The institution is going to operate under the name of Open Society University Network, and it aims to bring together students and teachers from various academic fields, Index reported. They will create courses and joint training programs accessible not only online but also at the universities participating in the initiative. The core of this new network will be the Central European University (CEU).

The foundation added in their statement that

they would like to reach handicapped social groups like refugees, those serving their prison sentence, the Roma people, and those who had to leave their homes.

Furthermore, they will start a scholarship program in which they would like to bring together the teachers and researchers who are persecuted because of their political views.

George Soros said about the project that education should promote critical thinking and the autonomy of each individual through academic freedom. Furthermore, he thinks that the range of those having the opportunity to continue their studies should be widened. He added that the Open Society Foundation cannot develop a network in and of itself. But he hopes that

those sharing his vision will join in realising this new project. 

Based on the statement of the foundation, the Hungarian-born American philanthropist has already donated 32 billion dollars on projects promoting social justice and education. 


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