There are many aspects which influence an individual’s chances of getting infected with the coronavirus in each region. It is emphasised that residents above 65 years old as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases need to pay more attention to being careful not to get infected. 

Pénzcentrum reported that the number of Hungarians who died in the virus was 66, and their average life-span was 73. The youngest Hungarian victim was a 38-year-old man who suffered from alcoholic liver disease, and the oldest one was a 94-year-old with respiratory problems. Another 94-year-old woman also died because of the virus, but she already had problems with high blood pressure. 

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Almost 50% of the deceased patients had heart and respiratory problems, which provided the virus with an already weak and unhealthy immune system. These health problems are generally present in the world, and they are the most common in Hungary. 19.3% of the Hungarian population is above 65 years old. According to the official and most recently published data, this percentage is different in every Hungarian county and region.

The top three counties where the most people 65 years old or above live are Békés (73,000), Zala (58,000), and Somogy (63,000).

The number of infected people is also different in every county. Most of them are located in Budapest (387), outside the capital in Pest County (164), and Fejér County (49). The coronavirus is present in every region and county in Hungary. 

The only possible method of stopping the virus is staying at home and only going out on the streets if necessary. Help the elderly by shopping for them and advise them to stay indoors. 


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