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Pick Salami at the Central Market Hall photo: Daily News Hungary

Pick Museum in Szeged officially closes after 22 December. Pick Szeged Ltd. has various reasons for closing up shop; such as the pretty bad condition of the building that currently houses the museum. Do not worry though, as they already have the plans laid out for the successor.

Pick salami is one of the most important meat products in the country. It is a quality salami made from natural ingredients only. Pick Szeged Ltd. decided to close their the almost 20-year-old museum in Szeged due to the bad conditions of the building, as well as to its outdated display methods and exhibition items which “no longer meet the visitors’ expectations in the 21st century,” Turizmus.com reports.

The world-famous Hungarian salami

The Pick Museum opened in 1999, on the 130th anniversary of the Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Factory. The museum showcases the most famous products of Szeged: Pick salami and paprika from Szeged (the so-called Szegedicums).

Turizmus.com writes that the Pick Museum was chosen as the 6th best food museum in the world by National Geographic in 2009. Moreover, Lonely Planet called this museum the world’s third most unique food museum.

The company’s management thinks that the museum’s building is in such bad conditions that it is no longer “a worthy location” for the internationally well-known brand. The museum also uses outdated methods to showcase the company’s most popular products, the tools of production and the history of the brand Pick. Overall, the company finds the quality of the exhibition not good enough for the museum visitors of the 21st century.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, the management decided to close the museum. December 22nd is the last opening day of the Pick Museum in Szeged.

The museum had 7,000 – 8,000 visitors annually.

However, as the saying goes: “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

Even though the museum as we know it will close, a new, more modern museum will open in its place. The company’s management plans to create a virtual exhibition using state of the art technological tools.

Unfortunately, the new museum will not open for a couple of years. Pick Ltd. is currently building a completely new factory, which is planned to be finished by 2020. The new museum will be located in the new factory building. It is sure that the new museum will be a worthy successor of the old one.

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Source: www.turizmus.com

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  1. It was one of my favorite museums!! I loved it. I hope they are serious about building a new museum. I want to be one of the first visitors!!!

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