Sokszínűvidé reports that the outstanding event, the pilgrimage in Csíksomlyó has become part of the Collection of Hungarian Values.

The Hungaricum Commission justifies its choice to choose the Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage to be part of the Collection of Hungariums by pointing out that the event, organised in 1567 for the first time, symbolizes solidarity and cohesion among the Hungarians, and therefore it is worth preserving.

Only those national values can be declared Hungaricums that have already been admitted to the Collection of Hungarian Values. Therefore, it is a multi-level process, where the last step of adjudging the values as Hungaricums is to request their record into the Collection of Hungaricums.

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The history of the Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage

450 years ago, the Székely people, faithful to their religion, gathered in Csíksomlyó to ask God for help, Virgin Mary for preserving their faith, and thank them for their assistance.

The request for help in 1567 was articulated amids the religious conflicts between Protestants and Catholics, and this was the moment when the pilgrims participating in the pilgrimage decided not to raise their voice against a person or an issue, but to strengthen their faith in God on this special occasion.

For the commemoration of it, on Whitsunday, people go communally on a pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Csíksomlyó has become a symbol throughout the years as it is seen as the Catholic haven of the Székely people.

The pilgrimage on Whitsunday is an event that brings together the Székely people and the Hungarians living in diaspora. Today, this event is the largest annual gathering in Romania.

According to, people carry banners with the images of their villages’ patron saint and many of them travel for several days to arrive in Csíksomlyó. The Whitsunday Mass is held in a natural amphitheater close to the Franciscan friary. After the Mass, pilgrims usually visit their friends, while some of them immediately start their journey back home. Those participating in the vigil can witness how women sing songs to praise the Virgin Mary and present objects to her asking for her blessing.

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This tradition is worth keeping and that is why it is not surprising that the process of declaring the pilgrimage a Hungaricum, that is unique and has Hungarian attributes, has already started. We hope all the best for the event and we are positive that it will be called a Hungaricum soon 🙂

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