According to the reports of GfK, every second Hungarian went to at least one museum in 2016. Almost third of the Hungarian population chooses to visit museums, exhibitions and galleries in their free time.

Even though the majority of people think that the Night of Museums, Night of Theatres, Night of Choirs are only visited by a narrow circle of people, a survey conducted by the Society for Consumer Research (known as GfK) states that actually third of the population enjoys these kinds of leisure time activities.

Last year, 35% of Hungarian residents visited at least one museum or exhibition, in 2015, 34.4%, so there were no significant changes. However, the age groups had different habits in 2016 as compared to 2015: in 2015, people aged 15-29 went to museums more frequently than the older generation, but in 2016, there are no significant differences between the groups. In 2015, women were more interested in museums and galleries than men, but in 2016, the scales were equal.

Here are five museums in the countryside that you might be interested in

People residing in Budapest or in Central Transdanubia went to museums more frequently than the rest of the country: in the Northern Hungarian Plain only 24% of the residents visited galleries, while in Budapest, every second person. Apart from Budapest, the bigger towns, with at least 50 thousand residents show above-average museum-visiting rates. Check out the 2016 numbers in percent:

Budapest: 54

County towns: 45

Other towns with county rights: 31

Towns: 30

Municipalities: 26

Villages: 22

These are the most popular Hungarian museums

Interestingly, many of those people who visit museums are more active on the internet and are more frequent online buyers. Otília Dörnyei, GfK’s director of customer service, said that the internet does not represent an impediment on cultural activities: it actually promotes them. 30 percent of the representatives of the age group 30-59 buy their theatre-, cinema-, concert tickets online, while 40% of 15-29 aged young people purchase their tickets online.

The process of buying tickets online is the same as buying other products, people usually opt for this, because it is a fast, simple and a much more comfortable process. Mainly the members of the younger generations are used to these methods, who are frequent internet users.

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