A design contest was announced for reshaping the Danube bank. This initiation is meant to form a closer bond between the local people and Hungary’s largest river. 

According to Forbes.hu, the municipal of Budapest is open for architectural plans for renewing the bank of Danube. The exact stage of the reconstruction would be the area between Rákóczi Bridge and Árpád Bridge. The area of operation is divided into four parts:

  • Újlak
  • Margaret Bridge-Zsigmond Square
  • Bem Square (full reconstruction)
  • Lágymányos

The aim is to create a passage to the wharf at Újlak for both pedestrians and drivers. They are also planning to renew and make use of the green areas nearby. North to Margaret Bridge, they are planning to create a larger territory on Zsigmond Square capable of recreation. They would also improve parking capacity.

Bem Square may also change a lot, as the traffic from Fő Street will pass there in the direction of Árpád Street. Budapest’s municipal intends to unify the divided square and transform it into one large green area. They are planning to make it favorable for pedestrians, and Fő Street may be redesigned similarly.

The fourth stage will probably be the most difficult. The renewal of Lágymányos will be focused on using the unused territories in favor of the pedestrians, as well as creating a closer connection to the river. They are planning to reconstruct Lágymányos in a way that it might become a splendid venue for events. The pedestrian passage will be extended towards Kopaszi Dam, where a new city center is under construction right now with a 120-meter-tall skyscraper, office buildings and apartment blocks.

The main idea seems to be bringing River Danube closer to the residents. The capital intends to create a favorable place for resting on the bank at the Buda side of the river.

In the meantime, the Pest side is also getting renewed due to the RAK-PARK redesign program in two phases. (That design competition was won by Korzó Tervezési Stúdió, and the preparations for the execution of the plans are in progress.)

The deadline for the submissions is the beginning of October.

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Source: Forbes.hu

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