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Julie Foggea, goalkeeper of Érd NK (Hungarian women’s handball club) sang the song of Hungarian star Ibolya Oláh at the Christmas party of the club.

The Hungarian handball team threw a Christmas and year closing party and Julie Foggea prepared a little surprise for her teammates and the staff of Érd, reports.

She sang the song of Ibolya Oláh,

Hungarian singer and we can conclude that not only is she a talented singer, but that she even coped with our tricky mother tongue, her pronunciation is simply beautiful for a foreigner.

“Thanks to everybody! I really apreciate Hungary and everybody in this Club! Sorry for my Hungarian, which is not perfect for the moment! ?❤️”

she commented. The French international joined Érd last year. The club posted the video of her performance to their Facebook page saying Julie won everyone’s heart. Well, Julie, not only theirs, well done!

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