Vienna, February 5 (MTI) – The government is open to negotiations concerning a planned constitutional amendment and may reduce the term of a possible “state of terrorist threat”, Gergely Gulyás, deputy speaker of parliament, said in an interview published by Austria’s Die Presse on Friday.

Answering a question if declaring such a state involving curfew, evacuation and restricting communications for as long as 60 days without parliament’s consent would not be going too far, Gulyás said that the government was ready to discuss the plan and added that “even 15 days could be sufficient”.

Gulyás argued that it would be a compromise between the originally proposed 60 days and the radical nationalist Jobbik party’s idea of a mere three days. He repeated the government’s position, however, that in case of a terrorist threat “the government must make a decision and cannot wait for parliament”.

Asked for examples when the Hungarian government would declare a “state of terrorist threat” Gulyás mentioned Brussels, where residents of two districts were instructed not to leave their homes, or Hannover, where a football match was cancelled due to a hazard of terrorist activities. Crowds of migrants at Hungary’s borders would not be considered such a hazard, Gulyás added.

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