Budapest, July 23 (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) demands that the government should stop preparations for Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and wasteful spending on related “pointless” infrastructure projects, the party spokesman said on Thursday, making reference to a recent impact study.

The study concludes that Budapest is unsuitable for hosting the Games for which the city would need to spend excessive amounts on several investment projects with an uncertain future, Zsolt Greczy told MTI.

Public support is also missing behind the project, he said, citing the study.

“In view of Budapest having such rivals as Boston, Paris and Hamburg, its bid will stand no chance,” Greczy said.

If the government thinks Hungary has that much money, it should spend it on health care, education and the poor, he added.

Lawmakers voted on July 6 to support the Hungarian capital’s bid.

The motion was approved with a vote of 151 in favour, 33 against and four abstentions.

It was supported by lawmakers of the allied ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats, with the exception of Fidesz’ Janos Bencsik, who abstained, as well as MPs of radical nationalist Jobbik and two independent lawmakers, Gabor Fodor and Zoltan Kesz.


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