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DK launches signature drive to scrap Ukrainians’ eligibility for Hungary pension

DK launches signature drive to scrap Ukrainians’ eligibility for Hungary pension

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is launching a signature drive to scrap the eligibility for Hungarian pension of those Ukrainian and Russian citizens who have registered in Hungarian border villages with the sole purpose of taking advantage of this interstate agreement.

The signature drive was announced by DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány at a season opening meeting of the party’s national board on Friday.

DK’s question seeking endorsement from the general public reads:

“Do you agree that Russian and Ukrainian citizens who have never paid pension contributions in Hungary should be ineligible for Hungarian pension?”


Gyurcsány said that 200,000-300,000 forint (EUR 650-970) pensions were not uncommon among the roughly 10,000 Ukrainians who were eligible for Hungarian pension. It is enough for those who want high pensions to present a proof of academic attainment and documentation confirming prior employment status in Ukraine, he said.

Ferenc Gyurcsány - democratic coalition

Photo: MTI

Gyurcsány said he had found a run-down building in one of the villages that was the registered address of 202 people. He said some village residents are said to be taking in Ukrainian citizens for money, while others suggested that it was the local mayor’s way of “buying enough votes to never have to fear another challenger”.

Gyurcsány accused the government of pursuing “pension imports” to serve its own political interests.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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