Salgótarján, 2017. november 18. Gyurcsány Ferenc, a Demokratikus Koalíció (DK) elnöke, korábbi miniszterelnök beszédet mond a pártja országos választási programbemutató salgótarjáni rendezvényén 2017. november 18-án. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will reject any form of cooperation with the radical nationalist Jobbik party, DK’s spokesman told public radio on Thursday.

Despite “putting on a different mask” over the recent period, Jobbik has remained an exclusionist, far-right party, unacceptable to DK, Zsolt Greczy said.

If all democratic opposition parties run jointly in the individual constituencies in the parliamentary elections scheduled for next spring, they can gain a majority of seats even without Jobbik, he said.

DK will filed a national list of its own led by party leader Ferenc Gyurcsány in the April ballot, he said, adding however that the party is open to talks on supporting the candidate of any democratic opposition party in the individual constituencies, he said.

Source: MTI

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