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DK to set up own election list for 2018

DK to set up own election list for 2018

Leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) is setting up its own election list for the 2018 elections but wants to coordinate with opposition parties on individual constituency candidates, the party told MTI on Saturday.

Socialist prime minister candidate László Botka earlier proposed drawing up a common list for the leftist opposition, with slots distributed in proportion with each party’s latest polling results.

DK said in a statement that the Socialist proposals “seem to be opposed” to DK’s opinions and values as well as the interests of the “wished-for New Republic”.

DK said it would stop “endless discussion” about a shared election list


because Socialist policies and strategies negate the possibility of a common list.

The party will have its own party list and individual candidates but it is open to discussions about individual candidacies with any “democratic opposition parties”, DK said.

Commenting on DK’s statement,

the Socialists said that they would stick to their proposal for all-opposition cooperation and a common election list.

To defeat Fidesz, the opposition needs “a single candidate for prime minister and a single candidate in all 106 constituencies”, the Socialist statement said. Although DK for years has been talking about the need to work together, “Ferenc Gyurcsány has turned his back on the opposition talks”, the statement said.

Source: MTI

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