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The article series this time surprises you with five dog-friendly places, two of which are uniquely Hungarian. The most interesting combinations, the most characteristic places, the most exotically international cuisine and the most high-end dog-friendly restaurants in the capital still await us, featuring

Inside a Hungarian Home

Náncsi néni vendéglője is named after the owner’s grandmother (how cute!) out of respect. This fact clearly communicates us their message and place in the universe: their motive is to serve guests but also create a real, home-like cosiness. Going inside, there are jars on the shelves with pickled veggies, and it is up to you which one you choose. The portions are enormous by the Schädler family.

Dishes are all traditionally Hungarian – they are particularly proud of their bean soup, lecsó and túrógombóc.

dog-friendly restaurant

In Part 3, we have already got to know a traditional, village-like Hungarian restaurant with its perks but do not get confused, Náncsi néni vendéglője is more like a grandmother’s home.

Fusion Kitchen

Kolette Bistro is the great grandchild of Russian and French cuisine. Their fusion started in the late 19th century when Russian aristocracy hired French chefs and asked them to spice traditional Russian dishes up, as simple borscht and beef tartare were not ‘in’ anymore. Anyways, an interesting combination was born which you can taste in its modern variety in Kolette. Located in the 5th district, Kolette is a city centre restaurant in the tightest sense. An exciting concept and easy accessibility – what else can you ask for?

dog-friendly restaurant

French cuisine improves any basic dish, after all.

The American Dream Came True in Hungary

It’s a Hungarian restaurant but in a different way than you might have thought at first. Zing Burger & Co is a Hungarian fast food chain we are proud of. There is a restaurant in the 6th district but food trucks spring up like mushrooms, and not just within Budapest but in bigger cities including Szeged as well. Zing used to be just one premium hamburger place, and a whole franchise grew out of the idea. Since 2013, it becomes more and more popular, as they offer premium American food made out of quality ingredients and prepared according to strict rules. Nevertheless, their prices are still affordable.

dog-friendly restaurant

Mediterranean Miracle

Babka Budapest is a Mediterranean restaurant in the 13th district. The east-coastal area represents itself on the menu, including Turkish, Jewish and Arabic specialities. Fine wines and cocktails accompany the colourful and spicy dishes. Babka’s name originates from the desert ‘babka’ that is a sweet, spongy yeast cake with raisins that comes from Jerusalem.

dog-friendly restaurant

It is a unique place worth visiting, as there are no other East Mediterranean dog-friendly restaurants in Budapest.

The Best is Yet to Come

Surrounded by 13th-century ruins, Pierrot Café and Restaurant is a romantic, elegant place within Buda Castle. Pierrot was founded in 1982 and has had a handful of celebrities as guests since then, among them the bands Depeche Mode and AC/DC, and actors Marcello Mastroianni, Sir Roger Moore, Antonio Banderas, Jeremy Irons, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling. Pierrot is listed in the Michelin Red Guide since the year 2005 and has been awarded 2 hats by Gault Millau in 2011.

The 19th-century selection serves their motto that Pierrot is aimed at giving Hungarian cuisine back its pre-war glory.

dog-friendly restaurant

We have already recommended another dog-friendly restaurant & café having that 19th century Budapest atmosphere in Part 2.

Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you have not read them so far for more tips and information!

Written by Éva Stölkler – Guest Author

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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