Someone shoots the dogs from a jeep in the Borsod county settlement. It also happened that a dog was shot just next to its owner. The police investigates, wrote.

Residents of a suburban part of Kazincbarcika reported that someone is shooting dogs from a jeep – RTL Klub TV reported. As it turned out, several shot or shot-dead dogs were found recently, and it happened that a dog was shot a few meters away from its owner.

A local resident reported the case on Facebook with the title Kazincbarcika dog massacre 2016.

According to, several cases attributed to a man who got out of the car with a black scoped rifle and shot the stray dogs on behalf of the local government, but he only uses stun bullets to collect them. However, he could not answer why an animal died.

The referred company and the mayor do not know anything about it. The police confirmed that they started an investigation because of animal cruelty. RTL reports that a man had been interrogated as suspect, but he denied everything.

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