Violent crimes have seemingly become more and more common. In this particularly savage assault, a pregnant woman was raped twice by a 23-year-old man. The criminal act happened in Kistarcsa in an agricultural area.

According to the Police, the woman was walking home in the afternoon on March 9th. Suddenly, a man appeared from behind the woman and violently grabbed her by the neck. He then proceeded to drag his victim to a nearby field. The woman was so frightened that she did not even fight back at first.

The 23-year-old assaulter jerked the clothes off of the pregnant woman and raped her while still squeezing her neck with one of his hands.

Blikk reported that when the woman started to fight back, the man got even more violent and knocked her to the ground. This was not enough for the rapist, however, as he continued to abuse and hurt his victim. When she fell to the ground the man started choking the woman and raped her again.

The pregnant woman’s attempts at fighting back seemed futile.

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According to Blikk, in her desperate efforts, she tried to talk to her attacker and begged him to stop because she was expecting a girl. This had no effect on the rapist who continued to hurt her and threatened the victim that if she did not keep quiet, she would die. Finally,

the pregnant victim was able to push the 23-year-old man off of her with her legs, but the man reacted by punching her face and kicking her temple before fleeing from the crime scene.

Fortunately, the police reported that the woman, apart from the psychological trauma, had sustained only minor injuries, despite the violent and brutal assault. The police managed to catch the 23-year-old rapist by the evening of the next day. While carrying out the violent deed, the man was under the influence of drugs, which he told the authorities he had used before the assault.

The man was arrested and sentenced by the motion of the prosecutor’s office.

This was necessary as they deemed that the perpetrator might attempt to escape or hide from justice, and if he would not have been arrested, he might have tried to hinder the investigation, says

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Source:,, Budapestikörnyékitörvényszék.bírósá

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