After falling in love with a small Hungarian village, called Bedepuszta, a Dutch businessman, Elroy Thümmler bought almost all of the houses there – reports Magyar Nemzet.

Thümmler bought the houses from the Roma families, after which he bought them better houses in other villages. There were cases where three families were living in one house: for them, he bought three separate new homes.

The renovation process

Thümmler bought the village for almost 2 million euros altogether. The money came from his participation in Sziget’s marketing campaign abroad: last year 25 thousand Dutch and British people came to Sziget Festival and 10 thousand to Balaton Sound thanks to him.

There are only two Hungarian residents left at Bedepuszta: a beekeeper and a hunter. If the project is finished by next summer, Thümmler plans to rent the village for events or smaller music festivals. Although the village is only halfway finished, there was already a festival after part held there. The first client expected to arrive at the village is Wetransfer from San Francisco. According to the plans, there will be pools, hostels, and camping sites too in Bedepuszta.

Magyar Nemzet reports from Hvg that according to the Dutch embassy in Budapest, there are three thousand Dutch people living in Hungary. This number is expected to reach ten thousand. Most of the Dutch people live in Baranya and Somogy county, and there is even a Dutch club in the Mátra. The majority of the Dutch in Hungary are pensioners, who can keep up a good standard of living, as the western pensions are more than enough to live well in Hungarian villages.




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  1. To read about Thummler, the Dutchman, bringing what must be great happiness to the Roma villagers, gladdens one’s heart. It was also heartening to read about mainly Dutch pensioners living in Hungary. They will be good for the Hungarian economy. In the 70’s and 80’s I had lovely holidays in Hungary, staying with my husband’s relatives. I am deeply grateful that I am able to read Daily News on a regular basis. I have fond memories of Hungary.

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