Organizers of the festival introduced their strongest line-up so far, reports The festival, known as the biggest party of the year for university and college students, will present Zomboy (GBR), Headhunterz (NLD), Borgeous (USA), Firebeatz (NLD) and Pendulum & Verse (AUS) with a DJ set.

EFOTT will be held on the lakeside of Velence, on July 12-17, 2016. Fans of electronic music will certainly be pleased at the event, especially as the genres are going to be quite separated at the festival this year, which means that one of the festival’s music scene, the HOÖK tent is exclusively dedicated for the international and Hungarian artists playing electronic beats.

It will be the first time to perform in Hungary for many of the newly announced performers, including Joshua Mellody, known as Zomboy. He has been succeeding in the music industry since his 2011 debut with the track Organ Door. After his first American tour, his unique sounding started to spread among bass lovers. The organizers say that one of his greatest songs, Bad Intentions can surely be heard at EFOTT in the summer.

Headhunterz is also a first time visitor in Hungary. Last year he started to experiment with his music and move towards new directions, which is particularly shown by his collaboration with Steve Aoki in the song, The Power of Now. During his career from 2006 he has played at one of the biggest electronic music festivals, Tomorrowland. Interestingly, his voice can also be recognized, for he has worked as a dubbing actor, voicing characters such as Troy Bolton and the Weasley twins.

Firebeatz, well known among lovers of electronic music, have worked with Calvin Harris, Tiësto and Martin Garrix. They are famous for making all of their gigs different, therefore, it will be really exciting to see what they have for the audience of EFOTT. Aside the Dutch duo, Borgeous is a similarly anticipated performer, his hit Tsunami is one of his best-known songs. Pendulum, one of the big favourites, writes mmonline, comes to the festival this year with Verse, playing a DJ set.

The international headliners joined a wide range of already announced Hungarian musicians of the electronic scene, the likes of Andro, JumoDaddy, Viki Metzker, Pixa and Palotai. Moreover, for the first time, this year the concerts will not stop until 8 am, so the festival-goers will have even more time to have fun and take the best out of the event in the beautiful scenery of the Lake Velence.

If interested, make sure to grab your tickets before running out of time and the event gets sold out. Further information about EFOTT 2016, including the line-up and tickets are also available on the website of the festival,


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