Budapest, November 30 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban enforced “his own misguided policies” instead of Hungary’s interests at Sunday’s European Union-Turkey summit, moving Hungary away from the EU, the opposition Egyutt party said.

The Democratic Coalition (DK) said Orban suffered a defeat at the summit and demonstrated again that the Hungarian government represented an obstacle to European security.

Egyutt said “it is insane for Hungary to pay 18 million euros in order to stay away from a joint European solution and for Orban to be able to stick his head in the sand.”

Orban told the summit that the 3 billion euros offered by the EU to help Turkey finance refugee services would cover a two-year period. He added that Hungary’s contribution of 18 million euros to the European effort was in proportion to the country’s GDP.

Egyutt continues to believe that a combination of strict policies on expulsion, a humane approach to caring for and integrating migrants, compulsory quotas and international development efforts should be used to cope with the challenges posed by migrants, the party’s statement added.

DK MEP Peter Niedermuller said Orban celebrated it as a victory that the summit’s “closing document approved on Sunday did not include the mandatory distribution of migrants among European Union countries.” According to Niedermuller, Orban is again bluffing or lying, because the document was in no way affecting a previous European Council decision about migrant quotas. Hungary is morally and legally obliged to receive around 2,000 migrants to arrive under this system, he added.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Maybe the EGYUTT party will wake to find their throats slashed with their own ruling. Nah! Victor will not allow the scenario to happen, even if EGYUTT fails the DARWIN entrance exams.

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