Jobbik Gábor Vona
Budapest, 2018. március 15. Vona Gábor, a Jobbik elnöke, miniszterelnök-jelöltje beszédet mond pártja ünnepségén, amelyet az 1848-49-es forradalom és szabadságharc kitörésének 170. évfordulója alkalmából tartottak a Batthyány-örökmécsesnél 2018. március 15-én. Mögötte az áprilisi országgyûlési választáson induló jobbikos képviselõjelöltek. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Jobbik, if elected into power this Sunday, will introduce measures to change the current pension system, which “has served mere political interests over the past eight years”, the people’s patriotic party’s deputy leader said on Tuesday.

Jobbik would allow men to retire after 40 years of work, as is the case for women at present, Tamás Sneider told a press conference.

The party would introduce a proportionate and differentiated pension rise starting in 2019, he said, adding that first pensions below 100,000 forints (EUR 320) would be raised.

Jobbik would introduce new rules to link pension hikes to the basket of commodities purchased by pensioners instead of tagging it to the general inflation, he said.

The party would also introduce a benefit to complement pensions according to the number of children raised and improve the home-care infrastructure for pensioners, Sneider added.

He said that Jobbik would also launch an elderly home building programme to accommodate those 30,000 waiting for placement.

Sneider pledged to set up an independent ministry for elderly and social affairs.

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