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Jobbik’s PM candidate Gábor Vona talking on the party’s March 15 celebration. Photo: MTI

On HírTV’s morning show, Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister Gábor Vona talked about the Monday evening meeting, where he and Jobbik’s party director Gábor Szabó met LMP’s co-presidents.

Initiated by Politics Can Be Different (LMP) Party, the meeting eventually took place in the coffee shop of a petrol station since both Candidates for Prime Minister are busy on their campaign trails, which explains why Gábor Vona still could not reveal the planned meeting’s venue and time in his Vona18 press conference on Sunday. LMP wanted to get all opposition parties to coordinate so there would be only one candidate running against a Fidesz politician in each constituency.

Gábor Vona explained that his party was “open towards LMP, and we do have to negotiate indeed because there are many systems and problems to put in order, which Jobbik and LMP may need to do together”. Jobbik’s president also noted that

“our party is standing in the elections on its own, we don’t wish to cooperate with the ‘parties of the 20th century’ and we don’t want to make local agreements either”.

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Talking about their discussions with LMP, he said they had not addressed the issue of single-member constituencies as Jobbik supporters were not very likely to vote for LMP even if Jobbik’s candidate was withdrawn. So the party leaders focused on the general relations between their organizations instead. There was one thing they completely agreed on: what mattered the most was not the coordination of the parties but the voter turnout because if it reaches 70 per cent, Fidesz will be in minority.

“Each citizen must take as many others to the ballot box as possible, not just three,” Mr Vona concluded.

Photo: MTI

Source: Jobbik – press release

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