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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has stated that it is essential to take both doses of vaccines approved in the EU to increase the chances of protection against the newest infectious delta variant of the coronavirus.

The European Medicines Agency has also called on EU Member States to speed up their vaccination campaigns and for citizens to adhere to the recommended dose levels. According to the announcement, full vaccination will help prevent the emergence of additional variants.

All this is especially relevant in Hungary, because in the past months many people only went for the first dose just to get their immunity certificate (which was mailed after receiving the first dose).

According to 444, the delta variant is 40-60% more contagious and may involve higher-risk hospital treatments than the original virus.

Experts say that by the end of the summer, 90% of infections will be caused by the delta variant.

The EMA also indicated that they could not yet provide guidance on whether two different types of vaccines could be used for vaccinations. Similarly, there is no official communication regarding the need for a third booster vaccine.

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