In the digital marketing world, email is one of the most used mediums to reach target customers. It allows you to develop a stronger relationship with your potential customers, it is personal, almost instant and generates fantastic revenue. But many email marketers struggle with low email deliverability. For them, ZeroBounce created the most reliable email list validation system on the market. 

You may be excited about sending your new email campaign, but when was the last time you cleaned your email list to make sure you’re reaching your audience? In most cases, databases contain invalid and inactive email addresses. When you continuously send campaigns to such email address, you not only waste your time and money, but you may also be banned by your email service provider.

What the experts says

As per the various experts in technology, invalid or bad email address cause high bounce rates and prevent your blasts from reaching their indented recipients. As a result, although you may be working very hard on your email campaigns, you won’t see the results you are expecting.

An email marketing specialist I talked to recently told me: “I had almost 500,000 email addresses in my database, to which I usually sent my business emails regarding product promotions and new launching services. But the result didn’t meet my expectations. I researched a lot and found out that some of the leads in my list database may not exist or they may be bots. But it’s very hard for me to filter them out manually.”

This is not a singular issue. Lots of email marketers realize their bounce rate is high and they can’t reach their prospects. Verifying email addresses one by one takes a lot of time and effort, but after doing some research, I found the best solution: email list validation.

How to lower your bounce rate

With the recent innovations in technology, it’s possible now to verify and validate email data within a few minutes. You may search out various online email list validation providers. They use their proprietary algorithms to validate emails by proper identification and measuring standards. This includes the syntax checking, Domain checking, Account Detection, DTA/Spam detection, DNSBLs checking and finally, SMTP verification.

By using an email list validation system, like ZeroBounce, email marketers lower their email bounce rate and improve their sender reputation.

What’s removed from your list? Invalid, dormant and risky email addresses, such as spam traps, disposable email addresses, and abuse emails. The process takes little time and the effect it has on your email marketing performance will convince you to repeat it periodically.

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